Canada tries again with trans rights bill, Arizona goes off deep end

What is it going to be Jan? Rational thinking or baloney? (Photo -

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Perhaps prompted by the Jenna Talackona-Miss Universe saga, Canada’s Parliament sped up a trans rights bill that was introduced last year with a second reading last week. The bill will add trans people to the Canadian Human Rights Act and make violence against them a hate crime. This is Canada’s fourth attempt at enacting a trans civil rights law.

More: Ottawa again ponders transgender rights bill.

The Arizona legislature this week sent three dubious bills to Gov. Jan Brewer to sign, one of which says that pregnancies begin 2 weeks before conception (date of a woman’s last period). Not only this makes a mockery of a woman’s biology, it is also a legal Pandora’s Box that will make a beeline to the U.S. Supreme Court. Another bill requires that schools teach kids that for unwanted pregnancy, adoption and birth is the most acceptable outcome. A third bill prevents doctors from being sued if they don’t tell parents something about the fetus that might cause them to terminate the pregnancy.

I won’t begin to get into this shameless runaround of a woman’s right to make choices. But I will once again stress that it is the President of the United States who appoints justices to the U.S. Supreme Court – the final arbitrator of nutty laws like these. Please vote accordingly.


What is it going to be Jan? Rational thinking or baloney? (Photo -


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