Seattle city council approves adding public breastfeeding to protected civil rights status

Seattle's Space Needle

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — On Monday, the Seattle City Council unanimously added a mother’s right to breastfeed her child with other protected civil right classes such as race, disability and religion. As a result, businesses and other locations open to the public now cannot ask a mother to move or cover up.

While the state of Washington already has such a law on the books, proponents say widespread discrimination still exists and mothers are being embarrassed every day by being told to move and/or cover up in public places.  This new law would also make it easier for Seattle’s civil rights office to enforce the law and protect mothers against further discrimination by educating the public on the issue.

At this writing further information is not yet available on when the measure takes effect as the story is still developing.

Seattle council protects public breastfeeding – BusinessWeek.

Seattle (WA) City Council approves breast feeding measure (


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