Transgender woman killed in Detroit, Anchorage voters reject transgender-LGB rights initiative

Trans woman murdered in Detroit, Michigan.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Details are scant on the killing of trans woman Coko Williams. She was found shot to death outside a home in the Parkhurst area of Detroit on April 3, 2012. No other facts available at this time.

Voters in Anchorage, Alaska have apparently rejected the trans-LGB legal protection initiative. Strong vocal support for and against this measure attracted the attention of people outside of the city and the state of Alaska. On election day, matters were further stressed when a number of polling places ran out of ballots and misinformation from opponents of the bill confused some voters, although most likely those confused were against the ordinance.

While the ACLU is looking into the matter, it doesn’t appear there are enough ballots in question to change the outcome. Proponents of the initiative say it’s just a matter of time before an ordinance like this becomes law.

I should note here that opponents of the bill portrayed trans people in demeaning cartoons to drum up opposition to the bill.

Detroit murder: Transgender Woman Killed in Detroit | News | The Advocate.

Anchorage election:

Trans woman murdered in Detroit, Michigan.


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  1. As a 35 yr resident of Alaska, I am disappointed that the initiative didn’t win, however I have to say that I am “proud” of the Anchorage population for even getting this issue on the ballot !! Alaska prides itself on very strong beliefs of individual rights and freedoms but the population base is also very conserative and harsh towards gays, lesbians and transgendered people, so I am disappointed yet proud this issue was even considered.

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