25-year-old Chinese twin sisters to become twin brothers after SRS

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THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — How’s that for a twist? One sister underwent her sex reassignment surgery (SRS)  in a Shanghai, China hospital a few days ago while the other had her SRS a few months ago. The surgeon,  Zhao Yede,  says the surgery was successful and they would later return to complete the final surgical phase. According to the Chinese newspaper, only after the last step can they legally apply for a change in the Chinese gender-swap registry, but until then, they’re still considered females.

The twins are keeping their identities a secret for now because they need their jobs to fund the last part of their sex reassignment. They’re also concerned of pressure from family and friends before the process is complete.

The twins learned online of the availability of SRS in China only a year ago and quickly took steps to correct a difference they both were aware of since kindergarten.

Twins get sex-change surgery in Shanghai – People’s Daily Online.

(Photo: logoinn.com)


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