[UPDATE – Suspect arrested] Trans prostitute killed in Riviera Beach, Florida

Tyrell Jackson killed by armed robber targeting prostitutes.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATE –  Suspect arrested, see below.] The only thing we do know for sure is this person was a prostitute and died after being shot. The Orlando Sentinel says the victim is a transvestite prostitute named Tyrell Jackson. The Palm Beach Post called Jackson a transsexual prostitute and referred to Jackson as a man.

All reports do agree that there was a string of armed robberies targeting “t” prostitutes around the same time and Jackson was the only one killed. Another person with Jackson at the time was injured but was expected to survive.

Riviera Beach police spokeswoman Rose Anne Brown: “This suspect has targeted young men who are living a life as transsexual prostitutes.”

Jackson’s mother Wanda Chavers: “He was my only son and I just loved him so much. He was a lovely person. Everybody loved Tyrell and I’m going to miss him.” Jackson’s sister Takesia Jackson did disclose that her brother was gay.

This is a tragedy, no doubt, but is it a transgender killing? I’ll let the readers sort it out.


UPDATE: April 8, 2012 – From WPBF: Police have arrested a man suspected of targeting transsexual prostitutes. Riviera Beach police said Luis De Los Santos was arrested Thursday in connection with last month’s double shooting that killed a man and injured another. . . Police said De Los Santos was driving a silver 2003 Buick Rendezvous when he was pulled over during a routine traffic stop. Police said it was the same vehicle the shooter was believed to have been driving.

“When someone has put it in their mind to perhaps target individuals because of the way that they live their lifestyle, not only is that interfering with their safety, that’s interfering with their personal freedoms,” Riviera Beach police spokeswoman Rose Anne Brown said.



Luis De Los Santos, arrested for murder of Rivera Beach trans woman.

Tyrell Jackson killed by armed robber targeting prostitutes.


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16 replies

  1. How many trans-people have been killed in this month alone?

    • Unfortunately it looks like it’s just par for the course. Trans people get killed by the hundreds every year. Trans murders are sometimes barely reported in the Unites States, I cannot begin to think what the count may be in third world countries or countries where people in general are oppressed.

  2. Ok, a person of Color living as a woman, doing sexwork to survive. Another murder in Fl. Is it a transgender murder? Of course it is. Will it be investigated as a Hate Crime? Will it be investigated at all? Sad to say, all the negative indicators are there. She was a person of Color, doing sexwork, in the South. It’s beyond sad, it’s depressing. When will things change? We need a National ENDA Law. Without jobs, esp for girls of Color, what is left but sexwork? Respect, dignity of life for transwomen of Color? A long, long way down the road. Advocate, and educate – there is enough work for all of us.

  3. In a matter of mere hours after reading comments here and on Facebook, I’ve leaned toward believing Jackson IS transgender. CDrs are under the T umbrella, even if it is only a means earn a living. Who knows what Jackson was considering him/herself to be, so we have to leave room for that.

    • true.but i wish theyd use basic indicators when halfhazardly using terminology,like was HRT present in her blood..simple things like that that would show intent.

  4. Lexie, I was looking for more information. I couldn’t find any mention in either the Orlando Sentinel or the Palm Beach Gazette. What day did it appear, or in what section?

  5. Lifestyle? Really? I hate that word, it implies choice. I bet she didn’t choose that life it was forced onto her because she couldn’t get work any other way.

    • It’ll be a while before mainstream media gets terminology correct on all things TG.

    • Thats exactly what happened to my cousin, he was intelligent but past experiences lead him to encounter a hardtime. Not Every1 blessed with financially stability or have someone that can financially get them out poverty. especially in the black community we often have high crime rates where high unemployment rates are. (The orgin of white supremacy, oh but thats another topic we dont have time to get into. ) Rest in Peace cousin Ty he was a generous individual with a good sense of humor. July 20,1989-March 24,2012 Gone but never forgotten.

  6. Yall need shut fuck up yall bitches act like yall was there I can`t bring my brother back he got killed cause he was around da wrong person and my brother was not a prostitute yeah he dress like a woman so wat all these comments getting me pissed off [additional comments deleted by moderator due to contents]


  1. 2010 – 2015 Transgender Homicide Data. | The Atkins Journal
  2. 2010 – 2015 Transgender Homicide Data. | The Atkins Journal

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