Transgender music teacher resigns after parents complains about her off-work activities

Elementary school teacher by day, Drag performer by night (Photo: SantaFe New Mexican)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — For several years trans woman Cristina Cracraft, worked as an elementary school choir and music teacher by day and by night, a drag performer known as “Taffy Shalamar”. However, when parents began complaining about the latter, she came to a settlement with the school district and resigned.

While Sante Fe (NM) school officials are not commenting on the settlement matter, Cracraft believes being pressured to resign is a big deal: “I think this is a woman’s rights issue. It’s a trans rights issue.” But Cracraft is just moving on from this, to another state, probably to teach again, but her drag show performances will continue she says.

Transsexual teacher pressured to resign.

Elementary school teacher by day, Drag performer by night (Photo: SantaFe New Mexican)


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  1. A friend of mine was a music teacher in Las Vegas to school-aged children. No one made a fuss before she came out, accepting the fact she wore wigs and women’s clothing but when she came out about being trans, the school fired her. She is in her 70’s and due to her age, she has trouble finding a new job that will cover the bills properly. It’s a sad world we all live in.

    • That is truly sad. Hopefully we can help make things better for the next generation of 70-year-olds!

    • Y’know, that’s something I’ve seen before and I don’t get. The straight community is OK if you are a drag queen or transvestite, but the minute you say you think you’d like to change your plumbing they freak out.

      I think it’s in part b/c they fetishize (sp) all of us, which is probably why so many of us (not going to speculate on the numbers) have a problem with those two particular portions of the gender queer community. I don’t agree with any of the disenfranchisement perpetrated on those segments by ours, but given this particular behavior by some straight people, especially those in power, I can see where it comes from.

  2. I would not have resigned, I would have told the “concerned parents” to go to hell n no uncertain terms.

  3. The real issue with the teaching industry on all levels from university’s down to grade school.Etc etc is that it is a highly provincial industry with rigid rules of what is expected and accpted.So Cristina loves to teach and taffy loves to perform.I would think that the parents of these students would be more concerned about perhaps Christina’s ability to get her students to think on their own mental melody.In a dummy down teaching system that seems to prevail thru the U.S.Lets face it Christina being transgender was 1 strike against her.Taffy loving to perform was another strike and set up for these parents to impose there own rigid values onto her.There is always pay back in karma………

  4. This is a majority of the why I didn’t continue in my pursuit of my music education degree. I’ve moved on to other career pursuits, but once I came out to myself in college and became more of an activist, both queer and political/social, I knew doing those and being a teacher of “young, impressionable minds” wouldn’t be compatible at all.

    • Young impressionable minds?What about older mindless brains that believe in only 1 sided values.This is my final comment on this site.How about challenging those young impressionable minds to question,to seek,to explore. B.Lund.

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