Australia’s SameSame LGBT forum — home of transphobia? Please comment!

SameSame forum transphobic? Please comment.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — I’ve some reports of the bullying of transgender members and general transphobic behavior at the popular Australian LGBT discussion forum Indeed, a look at some of screen shots does appear to show dubious activity.

Supposedly some trans people have been banned from the forum for complaining about being bullied and/or reporting transphobic activity. It appears that there may be only a small group of members engaging in this behavior, but that said, it also appears that the forum moderators/administrators have not addressed the problem.

If you’re a trans member (or former member) of the SameSame forum, I invite your comments so that we can get a better handle on what is occurring in that forum. You can post anonymous comments on this blog’s comments section. administrators or moderators of SameSame are invited to comment, too.


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  1. Personally i was aware of it for a while. Trans Menace Australia developed a Trans Media Style Guide to assist same same and other GLBTI media orgs in trans friendly reporting and also requested that SS could keep a sharp eye out for transphobia and make it an equal priority to homophobia which has and does happen on SS. Homophobia on SS usually dealt with swiftly. IMO SS has failed in its promise to not only police the forums to make them safer places for trans people but to also enforce bans on people who continued to do so as it is for homophobia. During one of these occasions where someone was called out for “ongoing” transphobia (see posts (irene and ash) instead of dealing with the transphobe they banned the trans person who call out the behaviour. There were other trans folk involved in the conversation and I am not sure but I think maybe the entire thread was deleted? I dont know because I am banned.

  2. I haven’t been using SameSame forum for that long so havent’ noticed any transphobia. It’s disturbing to learn this is happening on such a site. Sometimes it’s hard to accept but a number of gay men are brainless redneck hoons as biggoted as any straight male can be. You only have to watch the reaction of leather queens if someone they consider to be ‘nelly’ enters there space. Sadly biggotry appears to know no bounds.

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