Rush – waiting for the other shoe to drop!

Crush Rush!

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Week 3: Only two sponsors and no other ad revenue in sight. Rush’s syndicator  Premier is burning through a million dollars week airing mostly public service announcements, all the while paying Rush $750,000 each week. Premiere yanked all their national advertising slots because they couldn’t even trust local radio station to do it themselves. Sponsors were requesting “Rush-free grids” ensure their ads didn’t run during his show.

Clear Channel, owner of most of the stations carrying Rush is staggering under a massive debt load, recently filed to restructure their debt. They’re expecting a $200 million loss this year. Reports say they’re losing about a million for each week the ads don’t run.

In addition, there’s pressure from Cumulus Media Networks, the owner of Limbaugh’s largest stations in New York, Chicago, and in Washington, D.C. — Cumulus plans to syndicate Mike Huckabee’s new talk show this April head-to-head with Rush. Without revenue from Rush, Cumulus could simply just drop Rush from their prestige stations and run Huckabee, sparing them revenue and logistics headaches! Rush’s ratings is reportedly down 37% from 2010 on Cumulus’ New York station.

That is almost a no brainer decision since Cumulus would not ever have to worry about Huckabee calling anyone a “slut.” Oh, and the two sponsors supporting Rush? LifeLock — a company caught defrauding customers and a cemetary in New Jersey.

Stay tuned, the other shoe is on its way!

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More details about this story:  Struggling Clear Channel And Rush Limbaugh’s $400 Million Payday | Media Matters for America.

Crush Rush.


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  1. Let the bodies hit the floor, I say.

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