Transgender woman beaten unconscious in DC, treated and released

D.C. Metro Police investigates the beating of another transgender victim (

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — I shuddered when I saw this — another attack on a trans person in Washington, D.C. — hit from behind and badly beaten by two male suspects on March 12th. The trans woman was knocked unconscious but treated and released from a hospital.

The DC Metro Police while they have yet to make a decision on the hate crime status of the beating although the victim believes it was a hate crime. The DC Police Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit is supposedly handling the matter. The lack of typical language used during a hate crime prevented an immediate hate crime listing. Investigating is continuing.

There is no further information as to the victim’s name or if the police have any leads.

Stay tuned.

3 hospitalized after spate of anti-LGBT violence | Washington Blade

D.C. Metro Police investigates the beating of another transgender victim (


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6 replies

  1. Is it my imagination, but it seems the Washington DC is not a safe place to live if you are trans.. Seems to be plenty of transpeople being attacked here….


    • I hate to say, but DC likely has a higher crime rate than many large cities in the U.S., and the number of trans victims do seem excessively high. I can’t think of another city that has 7 unsolved trans deaths in a row dating back to 2000.

      • Yet we as community do not use the tools that we have to do something about this, we have social media, such as facebook, linkedin, twitter.

        These tools could be used to find shelters, jobs, safe places for people to move to, I am sure that there are people working or own companies that could hire a transperson, without the hassle of a formal interview process….Fuck would be nice if someone employed me before I either go insane from boredom, or I kill myself to stop from going insane….

  2. So… if someone beats you within an inch oif your life and you’re gay, trans, as long as they don’t talk to you, they get a slap on the wrist? OMG.

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