[UPDATED] Mexican transgender leader Agnes Torres tortured, killed.

Trans woman and activist Agnes Torres.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATED – Arrests made. See below.] The coroner’s report supposedly indicates trans woman Agnes Torres Sulca was tortured before she was killed last weekend.  She was found in a ravine near Atlixco, Mexico on Saturday.

The death of this well-known activist for transgender causes has many calling for a quick resolution into the crime. While some social media comments questions whether justice for Torres will happen, fearing Mexico’s tendency to silence activists, many others however, are hoping enough people pressure the state prosecutor into action.

The Vida Plena Puebla organization:  “We are distraught, pained, enraged and saddened by this crime, and feel powerless over how, yet again, a brave person has succumbed to the most brutal of gender-based violence. . . “


UPDATE March 17, 2012: This magazine is reporting the arrest of several suspects in the killing:  In a press conference, the Puebla State Attorney General named the four men arrested in connection with the murder of Agnes. Luis Fernando Bravo, Agustín Flores,  Marco Antonio Especie, and Agnes’ most recent partner Jorge Flores have all been charged.




More: 2Bmag online › Transgender activist Agnes Torres found dead in Puebla, Mexico – 2Bmag online.

UPDATE – This link has more details about the murder and what is occurring on social media: https://awayfare.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/social-media-mobilizes-in-response-to-the-murder-of-activist-agnes-torres/

This one is in Spanish: http://www.milenio.com/cdb/doc/noticias2011/6239652161e33bf419e3ec460477bc36

Trans woman and activist Agnes Torres.


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8 replies

  1. I always try to write someone when I find issues of prejudice, and recommend others do the same. But who do you write when the entire state is culpable? Earlier today, a trans friend told me that almost all trans murders are M to F prostitutes. It’s easy for the system to look the other way when the deceased was a street walker. What do you do when it’s a Psychologist Activist? How can you, in you good conscience, ignore this?

  2. I’m not so sure about “almost all”, but yeah, I agree, a large percentage tend to be prostitutes. But this doesn’t make their lives of less value than anyone else. For many trans people they end up as prostitutes as a means to stay alive — shunned by family, friends, agencies – resources non-trans people have but not available to trans people. Whether or not they’re prostitutes does not matter — nobody should be raped, tortured or killed for any reason and that’s the message to society we need to send.

    In the Torres matter, that’s a tough one. I tried to find some petitions or contacts to help get justice done to add to the article but came up empty. Perhaps some readers will be able to share.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Yes, if someone finds a way to help, let everyone know. This is so frustrating — and frightening.

  4. Like I heard someone say recently in a video, we humans have the mental capacity to create devices that hold billions of pieces of information that we carry in our POCKETS. We can land on the moon, we can create buildings, cities even. We can split the freaking atom, but we, for the love of us cannot learn to except another human being for who they are. Whether it be color, race or sexuality……If I can say this and know that I’m telling the truth, that’s when you know there is truly something wrong with this world.

  5. This Facebook group is for anyone that wants to show support.


  6. I have read in other reports authorities say the reason for the murder was to steal this woman’s car. If any of them are reading this now, know we all know that is BS. A passion crime, even a hitman leaves their mark. This woman was not strangled to death or shot, her neck was slashed open. Do you know the physics of cutting someone’s neck.?
    Mexico’s law enforcement should be ashamed of this uneducated assumptions about this horrible hate crime. oh! hold up! Do you smell that? I thought I smell cover up for a second there.


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