Omaha transgender/LGB protection ordinance PASSES!

Thumbs up to Gernandt (left) for switching vote to support the bill - thumbs down to Thompson (right) for an anti-trans stance. (Photo-KVNO-TV)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The closely watched and debated transgender/LGB rights ordinance was passed 4-3 Tuesday by the Omaha city council. The ordinance seemly hinged on the swing vote of Councilman Franklin Thompson, but ultimately it did not matter as Councilman Garry Gernandt changed his earlier vote against the bill to support for it.

Councilman Thompson did vote against the bill in the end. He did not like the “gender identity” provision (that’s transgender people) and fought to get it dropped. Councilman Ben Gray, who brought the bill to the floor, refused to back down and insisted that “gender identity” protection remained in the bill. The vote went down party lines.

Some state legislators, eying the possible passage of the Omaha bill tried to circumvent local adaptation of a transgender/LGB rights ordinance by attempting to create a state law preventing the adaptation of pro-transgender rights local ordinances. At this point there has not been much traction.

Gray said these words to say to the community: “It was an honor, I have never seen such dedication…It was an honor and a privilege to work with you, and to serve you.”

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Thumbs up to Gernandt (left) for switching vote to support the bill - thumbs down to Thompson (right) for an anti-trans stance. (Photo-KVNO-TV)


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  1. yay omaha, now the rest of the state of Nebraska needs to do the same.

  2. so what about his childhood nanny?


  1. Tea Party member behind drive to rid transgender people of legal protection in Omaha « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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