Research shows discrimination and prejudice bumps transgender substance abuse

Coping with discrimination and prejudice drives many to substance abuse (

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT – It should be no surprise, really. Dealing with discrimination and prejudice day in and day out drives many to drugs, alcohol and other substances as a means of coping.

This is compounded by additional factors such as a health care system that often discourages trans people from seeking help and supposedly “safe places” for trans people often have the availability of alcohol increasing the chances for abuse or dependency.

Jerome Hunt, a Research Associate for LGBT Progress at American Progress, details these issues in a new article titled: Why the Gay and Transgender Population Experiences Higher Rates of Substance Use.

While many of us are occupied with fighting for equal rights, we cannot forget our sisters and brothers who have fallen on the wayside, unable to cope with society current preference for second class citizenship for them.

This is beneficial information for trans advocates, allies, elected officials and usage by the media for sharing of CORRECT information on transgender people and their issues.

Coping with discrimination and prejudice drives many to substance abuse (


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