Husker asst. coach’s anti-transgender/LGB comments rebuked by University of Nebraska Chancellor

UNL Husker assistant coach Ron Brown

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT – Ron Brown, a notorious anti-transgender activist and assistant football coach for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was rebuked publicly by Chancellor Harvey Perlman for not making clear he wasn’t speaking for the university when he testified against a Omaha civic effort to protect transgender and LGB people from discrimination.

Perlman: “The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska has made it clear that the university does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. And only the board can speak on university policy and practices.

When asked for his address for the record before giving testimony, Brown gave the address of the Husker football stadium and said ‘the Bible condemns homosexuality as sin.’ This prompted some to ask the Chancellor to step in.

John Carroll, a season ticket holder and Omaha attorney: “With all that young gay kids are facing today, having Coach Brown stand up in a public forum and call them sinners, made me sick to my stomach. If Mr. Brown insists on exercising his First Amendment rights all the while spewing anti-gay rhetoric and threats of eternal damnation, please have him use his own address in the future.”

While Brown said the rebuke wasn’t necessary, I’d say his behavior over the last few years is the kind of PR the Huskers don’t need.

More: Coach’s remarks draw clarification from UNL chancellor – Lexington Clipper-Herald : Regional.

UNL Husker assistant coach Ron Brown


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14 replies

  1. Hi Lexie,
    And why is he still allowed to work as a coach after bringing the university into disrepute? Everyone can see he is just a small minded bigot.

    The university has no place for people like him, in fact he should be exiled to North Korea..

    • Nebraska is a “red state”. 😦

      • Red state, blue state, pink state, it is a state within the union of the united states, one of about 50 or so…

        There are universal human rights that apply to both red states and blue states, and just one other thing, this bigot will one day be in a red state.. that is full of the red blood when he is beaten up for being a bigot…


        • Basically, if he was in a Blue state it would be easier to shut him up. In Nebraska, football is God there so outrage from people in that state is just not going to happen.

          That said, the university did rebuke him and the reason he spoke out was to oppose a anti-discrim proposal, so things are changing, even in that red state.

  2. Wish I’d have been there. I’d have given him a few scriptures out of Acts and Matthew where being other-gendered was actually praised… even by Jesus

  3. I sleep well in the knowledge that this bigoted moron will not get to sit at the same table as I will when I get to the Great Hall in the sky… Bigots will have to sit outside on the cold benches…

    He cannot be reformed..

  4. Wondering why are there NO Mentioning of the Transgendered lady stopped by Newark police in 2009 what ever happened? can you keep the public informed on this.story as well? Thank you

  5. Do you have a name for this person? Was she jailed?

  6. Ron has a Facebook page…. I dropped him a note, and you might do the same.


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