Trans leader has no confidence in DC Metro Police’s ability to keep trans people safe

DC Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier

The D.C. Trans Coalition’s Jason Terry told the Washington D.C. Council during a hearing that the Metropolitan Police Department and it’s Chief Cathy Lanier, has “abdicated its responsibility to keep trans people in the District of Columbia safe.”

Council member Phil Mendelson led this hearing following news that the U.S. Justice Department recently began investigating the city’s bias against trans people and a ‘low closure rate’ on crimes against them.

Terry on Chief Lanier: “Rather than attempt to solve crimes, or to advocate for safer conditions for trans people, Chief Lanier simply says it is on us not to get killed,” 

Terry noted that the recent murder of Deoni Jones was the first instance of a trans murder to be solved in a decade — there are seven unsolved cold cases on the books. He also cited the dubious behavior of off-duty DC cops towards trans people.

I’ll update as this story develops.

(A few days after this hearing, DC police officer Kenneth Furr was indicted for shooting a trans woman last August: )

More about the hearing: Activist Tells Council He’s ‘Lost Confidence’ When MPD Investigates Anti-Transgender Crimes: DCist.

DC Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier


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  1. If anyone is interested in vocalizing an opinion to the good Police Chief, I suggest you write her at|31417|

    I did!

    “If you held a press conference, and stated that “it is up to your citizens not to get killed,” how long do you think it would be before you were impeached or removed from office? Is your lack of concern for your transgendered constituents driven by a Transsexual decidedly minority status? Tell me, Commissioner. Do you feel the same way about the other stronger minorities in your jurisdiction? This callus disregard implies a frightening bias onThis callus disregard implies a frightening bias on your behalf. You see, it is not just the handfull of fearful transgendered people (and they are people) in your city. We are a pretty significant factor in society the society at large. We have lobbyists, and a well established network of communication. So, let me advise you. If you do not want a thousand transsexual protesters on your doorstep, I would clarify your position concerning the well being of your transgendered constituents as soon as possible. What’s next? Is it up to children see to it they don’t get kidnapped? There are always vulnerable people in our society. That is what you are paid for. To protect and serve.”

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