Finally — DC cop indicted in August shooting of transgender woman

Off-duty DC cop Kenneth Furr fired 5 shots into this car occupied by two trans women (Photo-WJLA)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — This was the off-duty cop who stood on the hood of a trans woman’s occupied car and fired five shots through the windshield. I first wrote about his last August right after it happened — details then were sketchy but it was clear DC Metropolitan Police Officer Kenneth Furr wounded one of the passengers inside car.

A grand jury indicted him March 7th, on nine counts, including numerous assault charges and solicitation. These charges add up to a possible 30-year jail term.

Apparently Furr, who was drunk at the time, attempted to solicit sex from a trans woman in a store which eventually resulted in a confrontation when she refused his advances and her friend entered the conversation. After the group was forced outside by a security guard, Furr brandished a gun upon entering his car then drove off. The other party met up with some friends and left in another car. A while later, these cars collided, which was followed by Furr jumping on the hood of the other car and firing five shots, supposedly yelling: “I’m a kill all of you.”

Furr has a less than stellar history with the DC police and is scheduled to appear in court Friday March 9th. Furr’s attorney said previously that Furr was “defending himself.”

I’ll update when we have more information.

Off-duty officer indicted in connection with shooting – Crime Scene – The Washington Post.

Off-duty DC cop Kenneth Furr fired 5 shots into this car occupied by two trans women (Photo-WJLA)


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