“I’m sending Rush sizable cash to tide him over . . .” — You just can’t make this stuff up folks!

The Golden EIB Microphone

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Let me grab the Golden EIB Microphone for just a minute here and share a few comments that came in over the last few days — I’m telling you folks, you just can’t make this stuff up!

“They [sponsors pulling their ads] just lowered their potential customer base by 2/3. Do they honestly think the nut-case left is going to support them. I’m glad they are gone. I’m sending Rush sizable cash to tide him over . . .”

You’re going to send Rush a check to tide him over? Ask your friends to contribute, too.

“The average, every day liberal numb-scull doesn’t listen to Rush. That are just a few assigned screwballs trying always to catch him saying or doing something wrong.”

Damn those screwball libs always catching him saying the wrong things! They should send the numb-scull libs instead.

“I have not watched or listened to the leftist networks in over three years. I watch NOVA . . .”

Are you sure you’re listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show? It’s kind of hard to believe Rush has never said a single word about PBS!

“Unlike you I believe in free speech, especially free speech that I disagree with.”

Wow! Now that makes perfect sense!

“And don’t give me BS about Women’s Health issues. There is a total of nine women in my exstended family; and not one agrees with the left’s assessment of this reality.”

You mean as in ‘seen, but not heard’? You got them all trained right!

“She is a 30 something Feminazi and trained agitator for the far left.”

Wow, there’s nothing quite like digging into the Third Reich for terminology to impress us all.

Soon, all this will pass. Rush will have bigger and better sponsors, and a much larger listening audience, and making far more money, and having more fun than anyone should be entitled to. Then, all you liberals, with your hero, Bill Maher, can get back to your circle-jerk with silly grins on your face, getting all the joy out of life you are capable of.

But, I just love doing silly grins in a circle jerk with Bill Maher! (I kinda thought Bill was a moderate . . . but no matter, we’re talking with a Rush supporter here.)

<cue The Pretenders’ “My City Was Gone>


<roll station ID>

<fade-in top of the hour news>


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The Golden EIB Microphone


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3 replies

  1. Just for the record:
    Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a slut is not a comment from a moderate. He’s an unfunny leftist jerk. How easy it is for you clowns to ignore anything negative the leftist screwballs utter. Bless your
    Compassionate little souls.


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