Still sticking with Rush Limbaugh sponsor LifeLock was accused of misleading customers in 2010

ID protection company LifeLock CEO Todd Davis. A bit cheerful fellow for someone whose ID was stolen 13 times!

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — LifeLock, one of the few Rush Limbaugh Show sponsors that is still advertising on his program LifeLock settled a $12 million lawsuit brought on by the Attorneys General of 35 states in 2010 for misleading customers.

A news report stated LifeLock’s CEO Todd Davis “inflated his promises and made confusing statements about a so-called million-dollar guarantee.”

As part of the settlement, $11 million was to be set aside for consumer relief.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett: “All eligible LifeLock customers will be contacted by the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission with instructions on how to file a claim.”

What’s interesting here is that Corbett is seemingly suggesting one doesn’t need to pay for the kind of services LifeLock provides. Corbett: The best thing most people can do is closely check their monthly credit card bills and bank statements and regularly review their credit reports. Something they can do for free.”

LifeLock settles multi-million dollar lawsuit | |

But we’re not done yet, there’s more!

I found this gem from Switched:

“You knows that it’s not a good idea to publicly display your Social Security number. Believe it or not, LifeLock CEO Todd Davis had to learn this seemingly obvious lesson the hard way. According to Wired, Davis’ identity, plastered across the company’s advertisements, has been stolen 13 times since June 2007, despite his claim that paying LifeLock $10-a-month makes identity theft impossible.

Ironic doesn’t even begin to describe this saga. First, somebody used Davis’ identity to get a $500 loan from a check-cashing company. The smiling salesman didn’t even find out about this scam until the company called his wife’s cell phone to inquire about repaying the loan. Most people would have taken that as a sign that something was wrong, but not Davis. He was duped 12 more times. Using the CEO’s identity, various thieves racked up a $2,400 AT&T bill, a $573 bank loan and several other small debts from utility and credit companies.”

LifeLock CEO Todd Davis' ID was stolen 13 times.


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