Bouncer bounces trans woman from free drinks on “ladies’ night”

Alex Borrego - trans woman deemed 'not a lady' on "Ladies' Night" (photo: Miami Herald)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A bouncer at the door of the The Bishop Tavern and Lounge in St. Petersburg, Florida invited Alex Borrego and her drag queen friend inside for free drinks. But once inside and after consuming a few drinks, another bouncer cut them off saying: “You guys don’t get to participate, because you’re dudes.” Although Borrego showed him her drivers license indicating that she was female, the bouncer didn’t back down. There was a small ruckus then Borrego and her friend left the bar.

Later, a few of Borrego’s transgender friends started a social media boycott of the bar which caught fire and captured the attention of the bar owner Dean Marshlack, who apologized later on the bar’s social media sites.

Marshlack: “I don’t think the bouncer’s statement came from a place that was meant to be harmful. I think it came from a place of being misinformed.”

Marshlack says he plans to raise awareness of trans issues in the community and trans people in his bar will be treated with respect from now on.

More: St. Petersburg bar apologizes for ladies night snub of transgender woman – Tampa Bay Times.

Tavern owner Dean Marshlack apologizes for bouncer's behavior. (Photo: Bishop Tavern Facebook)


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4 replies

  1. Well, though Alex was initially treated despically, I’m glad that the story had a positive ending.

  2. This is no surprise ! ignorance, hate those are attitudes that I see everyday, I am sorry that she had to be put through this kind of treatment because it hurts, The so called ” appology ” is a joke !! lets talk, training for his staff as a basic start reviewed by a state agency such as a EEOC, HR section of Florida regs department. I wish her good luck, but like so many she will just be laughed at and mocked by the bar staff behind her back.

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