University of Washington Perspectives: Seattle Deaf Film Festival Comes to UW

Faces behind the Seattle Deaf Film Festival: UW's Rob Roth and Lance Forshay (photo: UW)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — I found this article in a UW publication. It gives more insight into what’s going on behind the scene with the newly created Seattle Deaf Film Festival and its connection with the University of Washington. Here are a few excerpts:

UW’s ASL and Deaf Studies Program’s Lance Forshay: “Our program aims to create awareness of deaf culture, this festival is an opportunity to do that . . .

Audiences can expect to see films created by, for, or about the deaf community, in genres ranging from documentary to drama to comedy to animation.”

UW’s Computer Science and Engineering staffer Rob Roth is on the film selection committee: “We’re considering the deaf culture aspect of the film—the use of deaf actors, a deaf storyline—but also looking at technical aspects and the quality of the script, taking into account what would interest audiences.”

More from Perspectives: Newsletter of the College of Arts & Sciences:

The feature film “Lexie Cannes” is scheduled to show during the festival on March 31st at 5PM at Kane Hall 120 on the UW campus in Seattle.

Tickets here:!__sdfftixandschedule

Faces behind the Seattle Deaf Film Festival: UW's Rob Roth and Lance Forshay (Photo: UW)


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