[UPDATED] Invasion of your vagina — Big Brother wants to take pictures with ultrasound devices

Republicans in Virginia considered the usage of Vaginal Probes like this one. (Photo: DailyKos)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATED Backlash triggered? See below.] Are we a civilized nation? I wonder. To control the behavior of society, state House leaders in Virginia seriously considered penetrating ultrasound devices into the far end of a woman’s vagina to take pictures. Once in place, it needs to be manipulated around to find and capture the best images. A scheme I don’t think even George Orwell envisioned.

At least one Republican got a grip on reality before going off the deep end and called off the vagina invasions  – Gov. Bob McDonnell at the 11th hour decided he wouldn’t support such a manuever. The House quickly rustled up an alternative bill which requires an external ultrasound instead before a pregnant women is allowed to terminate her pregnancy. With the state Senate already on board with a similar plan, unwanted photos of your uterus may be just what Big Brother ordered.

While all this was going on, Virginia legislators tabled a “personhood” bill until after the 2012 election. Does this mean it’s still being considered? Geez, are we devolving as a society? Like I said earlier, I wonder.


A backlash may be occurring — Michelle Goldberg in The Daily Beast: “Gov. Bob McDonnell balked at an ultrasound law, and a personhood bill fell with it. Are Republicans finally noticing that their crusade against reproductive rights is hurting them . . . 

Somehow, the Virginia bill became a symbol of right-wing prurience, invasiveness and insensitivity. The nationwide reaction was so strong it took personhood with it.”





Vaginal Probe (Photo: DailyKos)


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5 replies

  1. if the politicians keep up the stupidity maybe one day the american sheeple will finally have had enough and overthrow the out of control u.s. government, and get our government back to a system that our forefathers envisioned. We need another Thomas Jefferson, and please get rid of the idiots in congress, all 535 of them.

  2. I’m glad there was enough pressure to table the bill for now. BUT that just means more battles in the future. And what about states that are even more crazy the Virginia (and they were recently trending Blue)

  3. what i gont get this can some one explain ?

  4. The legislators wanted to make it so that when you get an abortion, doctors would be required to go in and get a sonogram of your fetus and show it to you.

  5. Why are men trying to control women’s bodies. That is pure discrimination.

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