Parents using children to promote fear and hatred of transpeople — are they cowards?

Parents using children to promote fear -- cowards? (Photo: S.Pastrama/ Baltimore Sun)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Transgender people have absolutely nothing in common with pedophiles . . . but you wouldn’t know it driving down Mellor Avenue near Baltimore, Maryland — children are holding up signs asking for the public’s help in protecting them from ‘MEN IN MY BATHROOM’ — even though this fear mongering has nothing to do with the trans protection bill being considered by the county.

This is a subtle way to sway thinking and soften the blow of anyone responding to their picketing. How many of us are really going to speak our minds about being oppressed in the front of children?

Cowards? Yes, I think so. If you stand for something, have a backbone and stand up for it — there’s always consequences to standing up for something. Don’t use your children to soften the blow while trying to do something as aggressive as oppressing the lives of other people.

Now, the Baltimore Sun did publish the child’s name, age and hometown. I am not going to do to that. I am, however, going to print the child’s parent’s name — Allison Baird — and single her out for being a coward.

Agree or disagree. Please comment.

Catonsville: Dozen people protest proposed transgender bill outside Councilman Tom Quirk’s office –

My previous post on the current trans rights bill:

Parents using children to promote fear -- are they cowards? (Photo: S.Pastrama/Baltimore Sun)


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  1. This is the same town where Chrissy Polis was horridly attacked in Macdonalds for using the ladies room, by two very young girls. This photo just made me shiver! To think that Ms.Baird is adding fuel to the hatred fire already present and burning there bybrainwashing young minds and inciting further attacks on transwomen… Encouraging even her own daughter into a lifetime of pure misunderstanding, hatred and perhaps prison! She should be ashamed!

  2. i agree.. keep the transmen out of the womens bathrooms.. Female to Male transmen!!! I guess they didnt think of that, did they?

  3. Oh but don’t you know the bathroom police are going to check what in a trans man’s pants and assure the children that the person with the beard in their restroom has nothing in his pants,

  4. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who trains their kid(s) to attack other people based on something like a medical condition deserves to have CFS remove said child(ren) immediately and put them in foster care for as long as the investigation takes.

  5. thanks for not posting the childs identity — her parents have already put her in the publics crosshair enough. this is a despicable (and sadly, somehow unsurprising) tactic. “cowardly” seems generous even.

    also @sydney – this bill (and most of the public discourse) around trans people is about/targeting trans women specifically. apparently, trans women are a huge threat and trans men don’t exist.


  1. intermission, part 3(blurred days) | writing to transgress

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