ACLU prompts judge to order school district to stop blocking trans and LGB websites

The Matthew Shepherd Foundation -- website blocked by school district.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT  — The American Civil Liberties Union sued a Camdenton, Missouri school district over their usage of internet filtering software to block websites about transgender and LGB issues. A preliminary injunction was issued last week by U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey in Jefferson City compelling the school district to remove the software.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation is one of the educational groups blocked by the software. The ACLU is running a national campaign against school districts who block educational sites — the blockage of sexually explicit sites is not part of the campaign.

This watchdog action by the ACLU prevents school districts from excusing their blockage of trans and GLB educational sites whether intentionally or inadvertently, on concern over porn.

Judge orders district to stop filtering LGBT sites.

More about Matthew Shepherd:

The Matthew Shepherd Foundation -- website blocked by school district.


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  1. [Someone on facebook reported this:]

    I called the school district, and spoke with the superintendant. He explained to me, at first, that although the internet filtering software they had been using did block those sites, a student could still access those sites, with permission. I then explained to him that most young children who are either gay, lesbian, bi, or trans are in hiding, and that they would not want to out themselves by coming and asking permission to go on those sites. He then said they did not need to come to anyone to get permission, they could do it anonymously. He did not explin that one, but I further explianed to him that being trans myself, I found it reprehensible for the school district to block those sites. He went on to explian to me that the school district had already begun the process of changing the problem, and was only waiting for the approval of the judge.

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