Popoff’s ‘trans kids baloney” article triggers transgender hate response

Mischa Popoff, still standing in the way of help for trans youth.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Mischa Popoff’s article “Transgendered Kids a Bunch of Baloney” has triggered a hatred against trans people response in that community. Popoff insists he has nothing against trans people and is merely posting his opinion, however, as we are seeing, such thoughtless “opinions” triggers even more hatred against trans people.

From the Kelowna Daily Courier (British Columbia, Canada) ‘Letter to the Editor’:

Godless society creates transgendered children

I would like to thank Mischa Popoff for his enlightening article (Transgendered kids a bunch of baloney, Jan. 16). What else can we expect from a Godless society? Those who don’t believe in God, obviously don’t believe in demonic spirits. But there is a God, and there also is a force of evil whose sole intent is to corrupt all the ways of God.

Sex, engaged in for the wrong purpose, can become an addiction and all addictions involve an evil spiritual force.

Scripture says, “Resist the devil and he will flee.” But if you continue to yield to his ways, his strength will increase over you until he begins to take control of your life.

But God has provided the answer for those who turn to him and desire to be set free from the devil’s influence.

There is another area where many do not have a clear understanding. People can live, and want to live, a perverted lifestyle, but when they insist that God made them that way, they are totally deceived.

In fact, they are making a mockery out of God’s design and purpose for sex. The truth is, we can inherit things from our parents or other ancestors. Scripture teaches that we are born in sin.

I knew a person who was born with an almost uncontrollable spirit of racial prejudice. Some of the most common spirits that are handed down from generation to generation are family pride, anger, fear, in fact it can be almost anything including an attraction for a member of the same sex.

Instead of crying for understanding and acceptance, and when not finding it, committing suicide, these people should be crying for deliverance from a demonic influence that keeps them from living the happy, free lifestyle God desires for them.

Vernon Kapler, Kelowna

Godless society creates transgendered children | Letters to the Editor | Kelowna Daily Courier.

Yikes! Instead of committing suicide trans people should be crying for deliverance from demonic influence??!!

While Mr. Popoff may never admit to it, I’m sure he gulped just a bit when seeing first hand how his “opinions” can result in the destruction of trans lives.

I’m also a bit surprised this newspaper published such a hateful letter.

Contact the paper to voice your concern or write your own response to Popoff’s article.

The Daily Courier:
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Managing Editor, Jon Manchester: jon.manchester@ok.bc.ca 250-470-0741

Letters to the editor: Letters@ok.bc.ca

More contacts: http://www.kelownadailycourier.ca/contact-the-daily-courier.html

My previous post on the Popoff article (there is a long discussion occurring in the comments section): https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/mischa-popoff-says-transgendered-kids-a-bunch-of-baloney/

Mischa Popoff, still standing in the way of help for trans youth.


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  1. Actually, sometime ago in Europe we had these piles of wood on which people were burned because they were supposed to be witches. They were innocent. These guys however should as far as I am concerned deserve no better than a burning stack of wood under their feet and be send to their damned hell as fast as possible. They are not humans. People like this Popoff are less than animals, they are devils.

    • Just to be clear, Mr. Popoff wrote the article that triggered the hateful comments that was published in the paper later. Thanks for your comments!

      • Hi Lexie,

        that was clear toe me. And to be clear from my point of view being a transgender woman

        [some contents deleted]

        I have come to the point that I think people like him are criminals who are – indirectly – responsible for transgender violence, killings and suicides. And should be thrown into jail at the very least. Or castrated.

        On a more serious note, this man is a disgrace. A disgrace for religion, a disgrace for the human race. What he wrote has nothing to do with freedom of speech but is in my views a criminal offence against the international human rights. He should be put on trial for verbal and mental harrassment and spreading hatred and subsequently be jailed for a long time.

        Freedom of speech is not the same as freedom to hate. The editor of that piece of toilet paper named Kelowna Daily Courier should understand that he is actively making a stage for a criminal.

        [some contents deleted]


  2. Transgender kids are killing themselves because their parents, teachers, pastors, therapists are DENYING them proper love, support, and understanding to help them understand themselves! Instead of taking responsibility for our children, we blame a Godless world? How about…what have YOU done to prevent a child from committing suicide? When will the world see that living life authentically is the cure, not the problem.

  3. People just like to blame god for everything. (Assuming he is real) Instead of taking responsibilities for their own actions.

    All I definitely know is that if god really is real…he is one messed up being to let so much evil into this world. How can he stand by and watch humans kill other humans, animals and other living things including themselves? So, if he really is as pure as he is why can’t he erase all hate? He either can’t or won’t which makes him un-pure. Which makes him flawed and no better than anyone else. Which concludes there really is no god. So, instead of blaming god ask yourself why do you really hate anything/anyone different from you? Just because my view is different from yours does not make me wrong and it does not make you wrong. What makes anything wrong is the bad intentions revolving around it, the maliciousness and the hate.

  4. Yes prayer just fixes everything, that is why Christians always get their way and never get sick or die.

  5. Popoff should do just that. Pop off!

    People like him and Mr Kapler make me ashamed to be Canadian.

  6. I can prove transgender kids.. I know.. I was one.. Lets see him PROVE god in the same way!!! fucking bigot.. I hope he dies of aids.. with ALL the stigma attached to that by society!!

    Then we will see if his “god” can help him.

    These people are genocidal murderers.. wonder if he’s a holocaust denier as well..

  7. This is but one more good example of why these children should not be misgendered or misrepresented by calling them transgenders. They have a birth conditon known as transsexualism. Not a clothing fetish. By lumping these kids into the so called umbrella they are classified as having a fetish and not a medical conditon. By doing this it put ammunition into those of the religious hate agendas hands and they can do what this moron did. Harm children!

    • I disagree. We shouldn’t classy children as a transsexual without them deciding if they truly want to go all the way. So, technically they are transgender. All it is, is a label to a definition. No need to get upset with a label. We can’t tell what kids are or aren’t. If not we’re just as bad as they are.

  8. [this is a letter to the editor in response to the Popoff article]


    Learn to accept the transgendered
    Monday, 20 February 2012 02:00 Letter to the Editor

    I am in my mid-80th year, and feel I must join in on this transgender debate.
    I can speak from experience, having had many dealings and friendships with these good people in my 25 years of teaching and 10 years in real estate.
    Because of my gay hairdresser and his mate, I succeeded in the male-dominated sales business in 1964. The reactions and comments made by my fellow salesmen were not favourable, especially 50 years ago.
    I can honestly say I was treated with respect and never had any trouble accepting the
    transgendered as equals because they were honest, kind and acted the same towards me
    as others did.
    I am in complete agreement with letter writers Wendy Glazier and Sasha Gronsdahl for their understanding and acceptance of transgender education, but I believe the education should be extended to include the public as well.
    Little girls or boys do not take on different mannerisms in talk, dress and play things, other than the sex they were born with, on purpose. The child and parents have had nothing to do about this change in behaviour, although it is most disturbing for the parents to understand or accept, and especially the public.
    This serious situation is not entirely understood by the public; they need answers like why and how there are transgender people. No information has been offered so far by the medical profession.
    Some medical research suggests chromosomes determine the sex of a child upon conception, but nothing about gender changes by the abnormal chromosome’s X count.
    If there are firm answers, then our hard-working medical professionals have a big job on their hands to try to educate the public so they will better understand and finally learn to accept these people as our fellow citizens, as so many of us have already done.
    Dot Davies,

  9. [this is a letter to the editor in response to the Popoff article]


    Columnist’s views ‘hateful’ Subscriber
    Monday, 20 February 2012 02:00 Letter to the Editor

    I’m not really sure where to start, or how to express my outrage over your recently
    published hateful commentary by Mischa Popoff.
    Providing a forum for this type of bigotry goes far beyond the realm of freedom of expression. Where does Popoff claim to have acquired his expertise in the area of transsexualism?
    I would venture a guess that his position on trans kids is far more likely to be motivated by religious hatred than any knowledge of scientific fact.
    Where are these so-called “regretful” transsexuals? How many exist? Why aren’t their stories as readily available of say that of Chaz Bono?
    One would believe, if these people are so concerned about teaching our young about this “abomination,” they would go to great lengths to support their claims with real-life stories of those to whom they refer in such columns.
    It is frighteningly obvious these scare tactics employed by Popoff and those whose religious beliefs prevent a belief in science and medicine, are tremendously effective – and, thankfully for him, require no substantiation.
    All humans are born with their own set of human rights. Those rights are non-negotiable, and singling out minority groups to oppress is a direct violation of those rights to exist as a human being.
    Human rights must always trump religious freedom and the bigoted opinions which find their origins in the darkest corners of the Bible.
    As a transsexual woman, who struggled through a tormented life, attempting to conform to my male body despite my female-wired brain, I can tell you with utmost honesty how important it would have been to me, so many years ago, to be given the information to identify a proper course of treatment before the masculinization of my body occurred at puberty.
    I knew, as early as five years of age that something was not right, but I was never given the opportunity to do anything to help myself. It simply did not exist in the 1960s.
    Today, with advances in science and medicine in general, we can begin to understand and treat this condition with understanding and compassion.
    I would venture a guess that I know a far greater number of post-op transexual women than Popoff claims in his piece. As a post-op woman myself, I can vouch for the success of this treatment, as will all of my post-op friends, without exception.
    Although specific statistics are hard to come by, my personal experience would suggest the widely stated success rate of gender reassignment surgery is very close to the 95 to 98 percent rate which any online research can provide. Find me another surgery of any type that can provide these results.
    In general, any negative results usually stem from the reluctance of society to accept the post-op as their correct gender.
    You have done a great disservice to both your community and those trans people who are members of that community who struggle to conform to society’s norms.
    Kaitlyn Bogas,

  10. Why would I believe in demonic spirits?

    I believe in responsibility, accountability and tolerance.

    [deleted] everything about these ignorant [deleted]

  11. Here’s your proof as to why we exist and proof that we do exist!


  12. And another.


    “His research, he says, shows that transsexuals are right. Their sex was judged in the wrong way at the moment of birth because people look only to the sex organs and not to the brain.” -Discover Magazine


  1. [UPDATED] Mischa Popoff says: “Transgendered kids a bunch of baloney.” « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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