Deaf video relay (VRS) fraud defendents Jerome & Bridget Bonheyo hire private attorney

Both Jerome and Bridget Bonheyo were indicted on federal fraud charges.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Court documents show that the Bonheyos retained private attorney Thomas J. Pryor of the Princeton, New Jersey law firm Stark & Stark to help defend them in their upcoming trial. Both Jerome Bonheyo and Bridget Bonheyo were indicted in December for defrauding the federal government.

According to their website, Stark & Stark considers themselves a “new breed” kind of law firm — one that utilizes “dispute resolution methods” other than litigation to resolve disputes.  Mr. Pryor has an impressive record with many honors and has been an attorney for nearly 30 years. His vitae shows his area of expertise is in dispute resolution. Records also indicate he has trial experience as well.


I find it an eye-opener that the Bonheyo’s lawyer seemingly doesn’t specialize in criminal law. However, he may very well be qualified to handle the case. With the court date rapidly approaching and a new “settlement expert” getting on board mid-stream, expect the unexpected I’d say!

My previous posts on the Bonheyo indictment with more details on the nature of the crimes:

Bonheyo Attorney Notice of Appearance (via my pacer account)


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