Trans? Boys? Girls? Andrej Pejic is not telling. Good for Andrej I say!

 Androgynous high fashion model Andrej Pejic

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Andrej Pejic is highly popular androgynous high fashion model — posing as either a female or male, depending on the needs of the client.  A stunning feat, but I especially like how Pejic throws many in society for a loop, upsetting norms for gender.

See, Pejic isn’t talking. While born a male and having trans-leanings while growing up,  Pejic isn’t saying much else. Sex reassignment surgery? No comment. Prefer men or women? “Love has no boundaries” is the answer.

This is exactly how it should be — there is no reason for anyone to know your gender preference or sexual orientation — even if you’re the hottest model at the moment. While some trans and LGB groups are claiming Pejic as one of their own, for all we know, Pejic may be perfectly happy with a male body and a preference for girls.

Regardless of whatever Pejic decides to do (or not do), I’m happy that Pejic has brought chaos to those with ancient thinking on gender — perhaps for some maybe they’ll figure out things are not so black and white after all.

More about Pejic and the fashion industry: Model’s gender-bending visage transfixes fashion industry and passers-by, but can it last? – The Washington Post.

Andrej Pejic (

Andrej Pejic


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  1. I think this is awesome! Even we trans folk tend to think in terms of a gender binary more often than not. Gender is a sliding scale and for some, like Andrej it is an utter non issue. I do wonder what pronouns Andrej prefers, if any.

  2. Bless this article for not using ANY pronouns for Andrej.

  3. Awesome! Andrej’s success can only be good for all of us that question the binary, or don’t fit in traditional roles. I applaud and admire his career!

  4. It is exactly how it should be. Begs the question, though in photo #2 why there is retouching to create breasts? I assume this is retouched but I don’t follow his life day to day. This undermines his gender fluid message.

  5. you who could not know the wisedom of this , when a person has a double gender,,

    as he has two houses or cars he can use both of them .in this time this idea is wierd

    a little bit . in the future people would laugh on us , how we could not undersand it.

    to me there are no trans gender it is double gender


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