ACLU fights for Alaskan trans woman denied DMV sex marker change.

When they scan your ID, will the gender be correct? (photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The American Civil Liberties Union this week argued in Alaska Superior Court the refusal of the Alaskan DMV to allow a sex marker change on trans person’s driver’s license violates an individual’s right to privacy and equality.

The ACLU represents an anonymous trans woman whose work documents and passport indicates she is female but was told she needs to provide proof of surgery.

ACLU of Alaska’s Jeffrey Mittman: “The Department of Motor Vehicles has a responsibility to keep our roads safe. It is not their place to dictate medical requirements to any Alaskan or to treat one group of Alaskans differently from any others.”

ACLU Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Project’s John Knight: “We hope that this court will recognize how humiliating and harmful it is for transgender people who are forced to carry a license that wrongly identifies their sex.”

The DMV only need to worry about keeping roads safe  — not checking under the clothes of drivers.

More info:  ACLU Appears in Court to Challenge Alaska Policy on Correcting Sex on Driver’s Licenses for Transgender People | American Civil Liberties Union.

When they scan your ID, will the gender be correct? (


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