UK documentary “MotherTruckers” features transgender truck driver

MotherTruckers' Vikki-Marie Gaynor (Photo: Liverpool Echo)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Premiering this week, the UK’s Channel 4 new documentary follows trans woman Vikki-Marie Gaynor and four ciswomen truck drivers as they work in an industry historically dominated by males.

In addition to highlighting the hurdles women face in the business, the show will also cover Gaynor’s struggle to gain acceptance since openly becoming female 5 years ago. Gaynor, of course, has the unique perspective of having sat on both sides of the gender spectrum along with her experience of having to sue a former employer for discrimination.

Trucking is an industry not exactly openly welcoming females, never mind trans women, so with this series, the trucking industry’s day of reckoning may finally be here.

Transsexual trucker Vikki-Marie Gaynor from Wirral to star in Channel 4 documentary MotherTruckers – In The Mix Today – News – Liverpool Echo.

MotherTruckers' Vikki-Marie Gaynor (Photo: Liverpool Echo)


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5 replies

  1. good no you Vikki. good to see there is more of us transwomen driving trucks. me i drive any thing up to road trains with 4 trailers . would love to get you out here in Australia one day to have a go. keep up the good work young lady. i know what you had to go through. leece

  2. i would love to be able to contact her.

  3. Great to see your doing so well Vikki We Girls have great jobs.
    Im Driving my self in Norway and drive now approx 20 years
    In Norway are a lot female drivers and full respect full too
    Hope i can follow the serie a bit.
    Your a great person!!! hugs from me

    Denise Joyce

  4. Thanks Lexie,, great article hunni xx ly

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