Transgender occupy protestors risk brutal outcomes from crackdowns – be informed!

Occupy protester is hauled off by police (Photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — While trans protestors historically have always stood at the front lines when fighting for the rights we deserve, however, in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, we’re fighting for a larger cause beyond rights just for ourselves — so when a push comes to a shove, transgender protesters risk greater brutal treatment from law enforcement authorities than our non-trans brothers and sisters in the Occupy Movement.

National Center for Transgender Equality’s (NTCE) Mara Keisling is urging trans people to be informed and consider the consequences of confrontations with authorities — participating in direct actions may put us at higher risk for mistreatment and violence.

Whether you plan to occupy from the front line or advocate from the sidelines, be informed and read this guide developed by the NCTE and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project:

Participating in Direct Actions: A Guide for transgender people:

Occupy protester is hauled off by police (Photo:


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4 replies

  1. Thank you, Lexie. Police custody is never a good place for Trans people.

  2. Exactly! While you’re in a large seemingly protective group outside, inside, you’re by yourself, likely in the wrong cell. 😦

  3. Thank you for writing/sharing this.

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