March 2011 murder of trans woman Marcal Tye — unsolved and not a hate crime?

Trans woman Marcal Tye's murder still unsolved.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — This trans murder in Arkansas came to my attention because of a supposed decision by the county sheriff that the murder wasn’t a hate crime. Tye was shot in the head and her body dragged for hundreds of feet on March 8, 2011 — this much appears factual after reviewing a number of news reports. Beyond that, the whole case appears thin as does the claim it was the sheriff who decided it wasn’t a hate crime. Some reports say it was the FBI who made that decision. Others said it was the Department of Justice. A few contributed it to “federal authorities”. The non-hate crime decision was apparently based on evidence that supposedly indicate that Tye was dragged by a car “accidentally”.

All this is rather unimportant now in the light that the St. Francis County sheriff still have very few clues as to who killed 24-year-old Marcal Tye. The DNA evidence found at the scene along AR Hwy 334 was not helpful according to Sheriff Bobby May. May also stated a witness may have seen the car, but again, not enough evidence to pinpoint a killer.

Discussion forums have posters making unsubstantiated and varying claims about who the killer may be, but in common is the claim that a number of trans people have been killed in that area of the state over the years.

Hate crime or not, this appears to likely to remain in the unsolved column for Transgender Day of Remembrance:

The St. Francis County Sheriff is asking for the public’s help:


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