Autumn Sandeen: transgender Bathroom Issue is a red herring.

Don't let fear mongering from TN state Rep. Richard Floyd distract you -- it's all about civil rights, not bathrooms! (photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Ms. Sandeen is right — the conservative right is using a fear mongering tactic to sway voters away from the facts, and their ultimate goal — oppressing trans people and preventing them from attaining equal rights.

By fostering fear in the minds of many through the use of blatantly false claims about “trans predators” in the ladies restroom, they’re changing the national conversation from civil rights to ‘trans people in our bathrooms’.

This fear mongering was done in the past when opponents of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) said unisex bathrooms would be the result of passing the ERA.

When it comes to civil rights, Bathroom Issues should NEVER enter the discussion. Period. When conservatives bring it up, call them on it — they’re out-of-order.

My previous post about a conservative using the Bathroom Issue:

Autumn Sandeen’s article:


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