U.S. should force Kuwait to repeal law against ‘Imitating the Opposite Sex’ which “allows” abuse of trans by police.

Vague law lets Kuwaiti Police brutalize transgender citizens

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — That’s right, torture, sexual abuse and arrest of transgender citizens at the hand of the Kuwaiti police — all supposedly legal.

The Human Rights Watch’s report titled: ‘They Hunt us Down for Fun’: Discrimination and Police Violence Against Transgender Women in Kuwait” found that a vague and hateful law which makes it illegal to “imitate the opposite sex” is the cause for widespread brutal police behavior towards transgender people in Kuwait.

Very rarely can the United States become strongly involved in the social affairs of another country — but in this case, we can, and we must. We’ve spent billions defending this country and still spend billions buying its product — oil. Kuwait is supposedly one of our closest allies. I’d argue if the Kuwaitis want us to continue to provide military protection of their nation, they need to close that legal loophole pronto!

From HRW website: Transgender women reported suffering multiple forms of abuse at the hands of the police while in detention, including degrading and humiliating treatment, such as being forced to strip and being paraded around the police station, being forced to dance for officers, sexual humiliation, verbal taunts and intimidation, solitary confinement, and emotional and physical abuse that could amount to torture.

Sarah Leah Whitson of Human Rights Watch: “No one – regardless of his or her gender identity – deserves to be arrested on the basis of a vague, arbitrary law and then abused and tortured by police.  The Kuwaiti government has a duty to protect all of its residents, including groups who face popular disapproval, from brutal police behavior and the application of an unfair law.”

I urge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to press the Kuwaiti government into putting a stop to this insanity!

Human Rights Watch: http://www.hrw.org/news/2012/01/15/kuwait-end-police-abuses-against-transgender-women


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  1. People simply need to look at the middle east and they can see that this kind of treatment is not just for transfemales, it may not be PC however muslims have religous mandates toward the treatment of women, humiliation and torture is what these people do, just review the video of ” Daniel Pearl “

  2. Kuwait is an Islamic state. Understand that, in Islam, any attempt at changing the self that God has given you is haram. Their measures are inhumane and extreme, but not meant for US intervention. This is an internal problem, not a US problem. The US can’t always be the good guy.


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