Do we unload on 14-year-old Taylor for the chaos she created for trans kids and the Girl Scout organization?

14-year-old Taylor, supposedly of Ventura, CA.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Yes, Taylor’s video was aimed at other girl scouts, but her message has consequences that extend beyond that audience. Whether she did this on her own or was prodded into it by adults, she has become the face of bigotry, discrimination, ignorance, and selfishness in one 7 minute YouTube video.

Technically, she is now a public figure by her own doing and affords no protection of privacy and/or and claims for libel and slander. It’s open season for her on talk shows and photo arrays pairing her up with others of her kind, like Rev. Fred Phelps and Rick Santorum.

On one hand she’s still a kid, on the other hand the consequences to all us are very adult and not easily excused. The question now is, do we respond in kind? Very difficult to answer I say.

I feel this akin to an adult picking up a child in the line of fire to prevent them from being shot at — or in this case, temper the blows. IMO the adults behind this need to own up to it, otherwise 14-year-old Taylor might get cooked.

What say you?


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  1. My previous post on this from about a month ago:

    Do I need to mention we all need to buy a truckload of girl scout cookies?

  2. I cannot believe she did this, and she is still a GSUSA member, why not resign her post, or troop out of protest. She is very immature for her age. This is just a pathetic little child that has no concept of how the real world works.

    My I wonder what shock awaits her when she has a child and the OB/GYN is transsexual post op female. Will she abort the child, throw the child away???

    She has to grow up and realise that she is actually a KKK dressed as a 13 year old girl. That is her thinking cllearly, no one has bothered to explain to her that gender is not binary, it is fluid and that people are born into wrong genders.

    She is in for a serious bruising when she gets to college, and OMFG she has to room with an 18 yr olf transgirl, that is pre op and fresh out of the closet.

    What will miss Taylor do then???

  3. I believe it’s too late for Miss Taylor. Her only hope is that she starts hanging out with rational thinking people. She’s apparently not getting this at home.

  4. I think this is problematic, and is exactly why these people chose a child to put their hateful message across; if we attack her we will be portrayed as nasties harming a child. My suggestion would be not to attack her but her message, and the adults behind it for not being honest, and going on camera themselves.

    A good factual response like the one already made by a former girl scout who is FTM is good, but attack the shady adults, whether they be her parents or preacher behind the camera. These people talk about “honesty”…

  5. Yes, she may be speaking on behalf of others, and the name on her sash, being covered up, obviously she does not have the support of her troop or troop administration.

    She will no doubt be in trouble with GSUSA, as she clearly does not have the mandate to speak on behalf of her troop or GSUSA.

    She will in course be expelled from GSUSA for bring GSUSA into disrepute. Her backers obviously being transphobic have put her into a very difficult position, and maybe her academic future is at risk.

    I know that many universities troll sites when interviewing for students to enroll, and this might have not been the best option.

    She should have gone through the GSUSA system to seek a response. I feel for her as she goes into university life. Tough times ahead…

  6. Interesting how a person calling for honesty, is being made to cover up her name on her sash…

  7. Actually, I think this is a real opportunity. But a teenager, with the logic and maturity of a young girl growing into adulthood, she’s making a public statement about something she feels strongly about. Oh that we ALL had had the answers to the world’s issues when we were her age. Frankly, we can send a very clear message to her, as well as the organization she is claiming to represent; give them a banner year in cookie sales. The Girls Scouts receive the complete opposite of what she had intended with her outburst, we show her our disapproval of her attitude and actions, and we also get to munch on LOTS of cookies!

  8. Unload? No. But we can answer, refute, and inform (she needs it) that is our right and responsibility when someone puts something out there that is dangerously ignorant and misinformed.

  9. I left a comment on the youtube page where this video originated..Explaining to this young woman that she needs to put a little more effort into educating herself about the trans community that she opposes from participating in the girl scouts. Her view of trans individuals is, unfortunately, one that is shared by many people in this society. the lack of understanding about the trans community, coupled with religious fervor, bigotry and hate is still a very real obstacle on the road to trans equality.. We can meet these injustices with anger and resentment, or we can choose to take the high road and meet it with compassion and understanding to educate people like this. You have to view hate and prejudice for what it is, a programed response by individuals who are not intelligent enough to think for themselves and react accordingly. The beauty with the ignorance of most people is that it can be altered. In order to teach people what being Trans is all about, we must be able to act with intelligence to counter stupidity.
    On a side note, as I watched the video and watched this young woman’s body language and demeanor, I am tempted into believing that this video is less about her ill feelings towards the trans community, and more about something personal that she may have experienced. I sensed an air of what seemed to be jealousy on her behalf. Perhaps she was embarrassed by a young Trans woman in some form or fashion. The haughty way that this young woman spoke is more indicative of personal animosity…At least that is the vibe I got.. Reminds me of how one girl reacts to another if a boyfirend gets stolen, or if one girl gets something another one wanted..LMAO

  10. Nice response from another girl scout:

  11. I cried while watching Taylor’s video. But later I was also upset with myself over a facebook post I made implying a hatred for her. It sucks, people who think like her but as a community we should try our hardest to show her the compassion her up bringing has failed to teach her.

    “I’m sorry you feel that way but I’m going to buy extra cookies this year.”

  12. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    CJ, you’re quite right about showing her the compassion her upbringing failed to teach her!

    • Taylor admitted in her video that it was her family that was upset about the transgender boys in the troop.

      What is not clear is her understanding of transgender boys, does she mean a girl that wants to be a boy, what is/was referred to as a “tomboy” or a boy that wants to be a girl?

      As she does not allow comments, this is a point that needs clarification.



  1. Canadian equivalent of Girl Scouts – the Girl Guides – considering transgender youths « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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