Transgender woman to run for county commissioner in Florida

Trans woman Gina Duncan is running for Orange county (FL) commissioner (Photo WESH-TV)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — More transgender people throwing their hat into the ring to run for political office has no down side — even if they don’t win. Just the fact that they CAN and DO run chips away at efforts from those attempting to exclude us from civil rights and equality.

The latest, filed two days ago, is Gina Duncan, a former star linebacker, homecoming king, father of two kids and a 25 year marriage — an American dream runs for office as a woman.

Duncan in explaining her decision to have SRS (sex reassignment surgery) in 2006: “In the transgender world, the decision is one that builds over a period of time. It gets to a point where you need to be your authentic self.”

Duncan says the race will certainly get a lot of attention but she says that she and the incumbent, Ted Edwards, agree that the race will be fought on the issues so that the best candidate is elected to represent the district. (5th District in Orange county, Florida.)

Duncan: “While that’s [being transgender] a big part of me, and I do acknowledge the potential historic aspects of this election, the most important thing is that I bring a new vision to Orange County.”

Former Homecoming King Runs For Office As Woman – Orlando News Story – WESH Orlando.


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