Drew Cordes’ post titled: “Shifting Sexuality During Gender Transition” in The Bilerico Project

Drew Cortes (Photo: Albany Times Union)

Drew Cordes had her SRS in December, 2011. (Photo: Albany Times Union)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — What a GREAT topic! No doubt many trans people experience this shifting of their sexuality during transition which likely contributed to a bit of confusion along the way.

Drew Cordes: I’ve noticed in myself, and in many other trans people I talk to, that gender transition often is accompanied by a shift in sexuality. By “shift” I don’t mean a rigid 180, but just that things often can alter or open a bit.

I did enjoy reading some of the responses thus far, however Drew’s article in The Bilerico Project doesn’t have a conclusion just yet. She would like to hear from you — what was your ‘shift in sexuality’ experience? You can post it on The Bilerico Project blog or contact her directly via email on the TBP contributor contact page.

This is a topic we don’t hear much about and would no doubt help others in the future. I look forward to reading more replies and Drew’s conclusion.

Read and respond here:  Shifting Sexuality During Gender Transition: Your Thoughts? | The Bilerico Project.


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  1. I’m not confused. I am just going w/the flow. Actually, I welcome the widening of perspective and possibility!!

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