[UPDATED — Bill postponed] CA state legislators considering bill to allow trans students to play on opposite birth-sex school sport teams

The state capitol of California (City of Sacramento photo)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATE: The Transgender Law Center reports this bill has been postponed — see below.] Supposedly, this new bill (or amendment to an existing one) also allows for transgender youth to use opposite sex locker rooms and bathrooms. Very scant details here, but word is California state legislators set a date for hearing in the next few weeks.

I searched the California legislature database and there are a couple of transgender-related education bills in various stages of progress, however, I was not able to confirm which bill it is. I was also unable to find a date for this hearing.

I will update this when more details surface.

Meanwhile, KTXL-TV  reported this statement from Ben Hudson,  the Executive Director of Sacramento’s Gender Health Center: “This is about youth whose gender identity is outside of what their body is, so this allows them full access to sports and other sex-segregated activities inside of schools, which is important as they go through school.”

UPDATE Jan 7. 2012: Kristina Wertz of the Transgender Law Center informed me that the bill is not going forward this year. They want to want to take time to do more education and make sure they are putting forward the best possible bill. She said the Transgender Law Center is deeply committed to ensuring that all students have equal access to schools  and is definitely something that they’ll be working on this year, but not via legislation at this time.

My thanks to Kristina for the update!


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  1. Sometimes I read stuff like that claiming the foreign definition would really know or define the sex of anyone and almost believe it. Sometimes I become so stupid to blame my body instead of the people brainwashing us. But, hail self-confidence, I don´t. My sex is and was female, I was born female with a dick and you as a man? That´s bad for you, hope you´ll try to be self-confident someday in the future…


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