Ron Paul supporters attacks Huntsman and his adopted kids with “American values. Or Chinese?” ad.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — It’s official, campaign ads are hitting below the belt — using minor kids of candidates to cast slime on their parent’s credibility. Supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul has taken the lead in using his opponents children for political gain.

“An online ad authored by “NHLiberty4Paul” shows footage of [GOP presidential candidate Jon] Huntsman with daughters Gracie, who was adopted from China, and Asha, adopted from India, when they were infants.”American values. Or Chinese,” the ad asks to a soundtrack of Chinese music. It calls Huntsman “the Manchurian Candidate” and ends with an image of Huntsman dressed as China’s former communist leader Mao Zedong, and the words “Vote Ron Paul.” — Reuters

Ron Paul disavowed the ad, however insisted he has no control of his people. Paul: “I couldn’t even hear it, haven’t looked at it, but people do that, and they do it in all campaigns.”

This slap on the hand is not good enough Mr. Paul. You need to publicly name the people behind the ad and insist that no further attack ads are done on your behalf by anyone without your approval for the rest of this campaign.

Read more:  Huntsman outraged at ad targeting adopted daughters | Reuters.


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  1. Yeah, well, too bad it wasn’t Paul, his supporters and anyone even remotely tied to his campaign.

    [edited due to excessive links]

  2. Sadly it’s Ron Paul 101: I’m not the asshole, it’s just everyone I surround myself with, really, I promise!

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