“Nature loves variety. Unfortunately, society hates it.” — Trans woman Chris Tina Bruce

Trans bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce (Photo: Advocate.com)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Indeed.  This was said in an article by Chris Tina Bruce, the renown trans bodybuilder. While some in the trans community are likely to get riled up over some of the definitions, the article does, as Bruce says, provides a chart for those just now entering unexplored territory. In addition to explaining some common terms used to describe trans people, she gives readers an overview of who we are, including the clearing up of stereotypes in popular culture.

More from Bruce’s article  “Characteristics of a Transgender Person”:

“The more exposure real-life transgender people experience, the less inequality and discrimination society will subject us to out of fear.”

Bruce keeps things simple and clear — in my opinion critical, because we simply cannot afford to lose the new-to-trans reader in hair splitting over definitions.

Worth the read and sharing with those new to all things trans. I’ve also got a new respect for bodybuilders — perhaps I’m a bit guilty of a bit stereotyping of my own!

From The Huffington Post: Chris Tina Bruce: Characteristics of a Transgender Person.


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  1. Another great post, Lexie. Unfortunately, many in society still don’t get it and terminology and definitions need to be reinforced. I Love the headline; “Nature loves variety,Society hates it.”

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