Doesn’t the media have better things to do than to exploit a 7ft tall trans person?

Lindsay Walker is a 7 feet tall trans woman, but is this really news? (Photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — There’s a story going around about a 7ft tall trans woman — it is poorly written, pronouns wrong and reeks of exploitation. Besides, it’s not really news — somebody is always going to be the tallest trans person or a rare trans person over 7 feet tall to exploit into a news piece.

What I think is more interesting is the hurdles that must be overcome for those who are taller than the average trans person. While clearly anyone who is considering SRS (sex reassignment surgery) will not find it a hurdle, as it is simply who they are — “passing” and “being outed” have long passed them by in areas of concern.

But what about not quite along the path to SRS? Are things more difficult for exceptionally tall people when they first wondered about their birth gender not jiving with what was going on in their minds? Being the center of attention is something most people considering transition likely would avoid. Is this a burden that derails the lives at a higher rate than their “average height” counterparts?

I don’t have answers, but a story about that would be far more compelling than this exploitation piece circulating the net at the moment:  Lindsey Walker: World’s tallest transsexual is 7ft basketball star formerly called Greg | Mail Online.

While I don’t care to put restrictions on the media, news about 7ft tall trans women isn’t something that contributes to society. Agree or disagree?

Lindsay Walker is a 7 feet tall trans woman, but is this really news? (Photo:


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  1. I agree that it is exploitative and demeaning. It is hard enough for ANY Trans person to feel that they don’t have a big sign on them, but a 7ft. tall woman who gets her name and photo splattered all over the media? It’s not fair, and they certainly aren’t saying what a wonderful, or successful woman she is. However, anytime I repost a predjudiced item like this, there are those that say I protest too much. “‘Work It’ is funny”, or making fun of other people is part of human nature. I don’t agree! In this day and age with ehnic groups and other minorities no longer considered fair game, why is it permissible to demean, or make a joke out of Transgender people? Thank you, Lexie for continuing to find these items, and I will continue to re-post and call foul until we are treated with respect and accepted just like anyone else!

  2. Thanks, Liz. It’s just my nature to spot dubious things from miles away! 🙂

  3. I think she makes a very pretty woman,,,
    So what if shes 7ft tall? I’d date her!
    I might be older and much shorter but,
    if she didnt care, I wouldnt care.

  4. Speaking as a transgender person this tall, I reply that yes it’s a valid article to include, albeit written exploitatively.

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