If you’re LGB, but not trans, why should you care about transgender rights?

Sue O'Connell (photo: New England Inst. of Art)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — I spotted this paragraph in an article I was reading and is just the thing to share with some of our LGB brothers and sisters whenever the question of caring about trans rights arises . . .

“Why should you care about trans rights? If you are a feminine, fey gay man or a shaved-head butch lesbian, it’s your gender expression that makes you a target for violence, not your sexual orientation. Gender expression is inseparable from orientation. Looking or acting too much like a girl when you’re a boy is sure to get you bullied, or worse. Trans rights are rights for all of our community.”

— Sue O’Connell, co-publisher of the LGBT newspaper Bay Windows and radio personality/programmer


More info: http://www.artinstitutes.edu/boston/news-and-events/sue-oconnell-tapped-as-graduation-speaker-2230303.aspx


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  1. Well as usual if the GLB community believes supporting the trans community will help there cause then they are interested, I no longer look for support from the GLB community and do not support laws or political action groups that support the GLB movement that tag along the idea they will also help the trans community, that line of thinking has shown that the GLB community runs from the trans world as fast as they can after they get our support, funding etc.

  2. Yeah. no offense~ but GLB can be just as discriminatory to trans as others were once to them. They are becoming mainstream, while the world still treats transgender kids and adults like freaks that don’t count.

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