A transgender-view of the top 7 GOP presidential challengers – counted down.

Jon Huntsman -- smart and no baggage. We do not want him to win the GOP nomination!

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — It’s party time, GOP party that is, starting next week for the crop of candidates hoping to be the Republican nominee for president. I’m going to list the 7 candidates in order of preference for your consideration and/or amusement:

#7. Jon Huntsman. If he wins the nomination Obama is going to have to beat him the old fashioned way — good old campaigning — no phoning it in. With Huntsman, the GOP has a chance — he is smart and has no baggage. He also used to work for the Obama adminstration.

#6. Mitt Romney. Money, organization and brains. Experienced campaigner. The GOP’s only other chance. Obama will have to milk his flip-flopping for all its worth. I’d suggest Democrat PACs run this ad: Was Mitt lying then or is he lying now?”

#5. Rick Perry. A Texas governor, money, organization and no brains. It worked before.

#4. Ron Paul. His historical background works in Obama’s favor. He has no chance.

#3. Michele Bachmann. Not as stupid as Palin and a better politician, but that isn’t saying much.

#2. Newt Gingrich. Character-wise, Obama is the polar opposite of Newt, and that alone will bring a easy victory to the Democrats.

#1. Rick Santorum. What do you say about a two-term incumbent Senator who LOST re-election by 18 points? I say Google it! It’ll be a Democrat landslide if Santorum is the GOP presidential candidate, so he’s my choice. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hose off.

Disagree? Post your opinions!


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1 reply

  1. I totally agree.

    I haven’t voted Republican in 15 years, but if I had to choose today between Obama and Huntsman, I’d vote for Huntsman.

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