Was 2011 a great year for transgender people? You betcha!

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — While we’ve still a ways to go and we still face discrimination nearly every where we turn, however, the times they are a changing! In a super article, Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, outlines 14 reasons that made 2011 great and sums it up by saying: “This has been a game-changing year for transgender rights”. I have to agree.

The article, published in The Advocate, is certainly worth any trans person’s while to read, especially for those struggling with personal gender issues — knowing that society is becoming more acceptance of us can make all the difference for some.

I enjoyed it and I did, in fact, write about a number of these in this very blog!

Read it here: 14 Reasons That Made 2011 Great for Trans People | Transgendered | The Advocate.


Spoiler alert! At the very bottom of this post I list the 14 reasons. Because The Advocate’s website is/was slow I’m afraid not many readers will click through all 14 pages. (Seriously, The Advocate needs to not torture readers like this — it all could have easily been placed on 3 or 4 pages!)


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Ms. Keisling says these are in no particular order:
1. More and More State and Local Laws Pass
2. The White House Makes Trans People and Issues a Priority
3. Harmony Santana Becomes the First Openly Trans Actor to Get a Major Award Nomination
4. Trans Health Policy Improves
5. First Sitting Cabinet Secretary Addresses a Trans Event
6. Using Sex Discrimination Laws to Protect Trans People
7. The U.S. and the U.N. Speak Up for LGBT Rights
8. Release of the Most Comprehensive Study on Trans Discrimination
9. Improved Standards of Care for Trans People
10 Government Backs Trans Federal Workers
11. Veterans Administration Raises the Bar on Trans Health
12. Chaz Bono Teaching Trans to the Masses
13. Making Schools Safe for Trans Youth
14. All Federal Legislation Introduced this Congress is Trans-Inclusive

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3 replies

  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting, Lexie. But 2012 will be momentous, I know it!!

  2. I have stated my case(s) over and over again, bloged them, broadcasted, told my story to attorneys and other Civil and Human Rights orgs and their Activists and I get nowhere except backstabed by the very people I trusted so much so that I and my witnesses have gotten calls from the District Attorneys Office threatening that if he sees or hears of ANY lawsuits, complaints go across his Office concerning me he will take the approprate action to arrest and detain me without call for council and extend another 78 hour jailtime that by the time THEY are done with me I will be a vegie, HIV pos and beaten a raped till I shit blood and die.
    I fucking don’t care anymore and I want to tell my story, press charges for Police Brutallity, Bias Judges, HIPPA violations, Huan and Civil Rights Violations, 2nd Ammendment Violations, I want to file charges with the FBI for Kidnapping and attempt Murder from my Mentally Ill wife and all her Conspirators..I am tired a Numb being affriad…I want to see Justice for all these White Crimes at least tell my Story before I am Murdered by some Freak Accident or set-up by some bogus “Ham Sandwish” reutine…I am Mad as Hell and I am Not going to take it anymore.
    Huggs not Hate,
    Robin Mitchell
    Martinez, Ca 94553

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