(UPDATED New link for video) Photos of trans woman responding to insults from subway rider

ragdoll329LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — (UPDATED Dec. 9, 2012 New link for video. See below.) I am passing along some photo stills of the video YouTube removed from their site called: “TOSSED LIKE A RAG DOLL FOR TRYING IT!!!” It shows an angry trans woman beating a New York subway rider who called her a man. I have no further information on the persons names nor whether or not charges were filed.

I’d say the subway rider unleashed his own bad karma.

From the The Huffington PostA violent video, said to be of a transgender woman kicking and beating a man in a New York subway station after he made a disparaging remark about her identity, is making the LGBT blogosphere rounds.

The creator of the clip — titled “TOSSED LIKE A RAG DOLL FOR TRYING IT!!!” — writes:

“Morning after xmas on the nyc subway train, me and my girlfriends was walking to the train, dude shouted out ‘thats a man’ to my home girl and this is what happens when u disrespect a [transgender person] in public.”

Huffington Post:  Transgender Woman Beats New York Subway Rider For Calling Her A Man (GRAPHIC VIDEO).


Updated Dec. 9, 2012 – There is a new link to watch this video:



Click for larger size  (Although I arranged this photo array, the ownership of the photos belongs to the owner of the YouTube video)



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  1. I watched the video before it was removed, and she [the ts woman] gave the guy a beatdown of note, she through him as if he weighed 10lbs, he still after the 1st beating still carried on with the insults.

    It took a large number of people to calm the two opponents down. I think what she did, the beatdown was not what should have happened, after all she is now the aggressor and he now has a legit claim against her, and she could end up in the “grey-bar”…

    For what? A verbal insult, and as a transsexual male to female, I have to accept my TS past, that there will be insults in my future, that is a price I have to pay for being in transition and even after, insults will happen…

    Athletes, movie stars, celebs have to deal with people that want to abuse them, it is a price to pay, I chose to transition, I cannot now get upset over some idiot that on a good day needs a serious whipping off camera….


    • [transphobic comments deleted by moderator]

      Tim, I had to delete your comments. Such hateful comments should be saved for when you’re hanging out with your Mom and Dad, or better yet, your boss or pastor. Not here. We’re a bit upscale here.

  2. I agree she ended up being the aggressor, but then its perfectly understandable when one snaps like this. I’d say the blame here equals out a bit — in the eyes of a jury anyway. However, one wouldn’t want to snap like this in other places of the world or even in certain places in the United States.

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. thats a terrible sign of oppression Justine, it saddens me that you make such compromises.

  4. Hi Indi X, living on this the 3rd rock, we have to accept that here people that are cruel, and will seek ways to abuse those of us that do not fit neatly in the box of being male or female.

    At the same time, no one is holding a gun to my temple and forcing me to transition, that was my choice, and thus I accept that this opens me up to abuse.

    We have laws to protect, but there is a problem with laws, you need a way to enforce them, and for TS that is not often the easy thing to do, you need money to pay for lawyers, to pay for things to be done in a legal way if you have been abused or had your “civil rights” affected.

    As a result of being a poor TS, that is not having $10 million in my bank account I was not able to fight for my rights when it came to my rights being abused. I had to accept that the company that abused me, could get away with it.. No punishment for them, the punishment was for me for being TS.

    Would be nice to go back and give the company a whipping for what they did to me, but I cannot afford it, and after all it is only the legal beagles that benefit in terms of the millions of Dollars that they get in fee’s!!!

  5. She´s my heroine. Thats what all these people deserve. Fight back!! Most beautiful YT-vid I´ve ever seen.

  6. Perhaps answering back would be better than assaulting the guy. No-one should have to take such insults. You’re a man- “and you’re a fuckwit” is good enough.

  7. While I am an avid believer in standing up for ones self, I believe this is disgraceful behavior.. She beat the guy senseless because he called her a man? It was only words and “words” only have power if we GIVE them power! Look at this from a different standpoint.. The man in question looks directly at the transwoman and makes the statement “Your a man!” Naturally she is offended and she decides to take action and she punches this guy. He then proceeds to pull out a weapon (knife or gun) and shoots or stabs this transwoman to death.. or worse yet, he doesn’t kill her.. He now can use “self defense” as a defense in a court of law because SHE attacked him first…
    I am trans myself, Not overly “passable” persay, but I do live life on my terms. I am quite literally “made” everywhere I go because of my hieght (6’3″) and I know people realize immediately that I am not a genetic woman. Most people generally are friendly (at least to my face) and the few hurtful comments or dirty looks that I receive are rare. How do I deal with them? I smile at the offending party (as if “they” are the freak job, or the way you would smile at a crazy person after they just pissed there own pants) which usually defuses the situation and leaves the offender confused.. The ONLY way I will become physical with an antagonist is “if” he or she puts their hands on me or otherwise does something that is a threat to my personal well being. Then all bets are off and the odds are NOT in that persons favor.

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone. This incident certainly has us thinking about what would we do, or what SHOULD we do in situations like this.


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