Disturbing: Egypt’s revolution may result in the permanent devaluation of women in Egyptian society.

Egyptian women may find themselves better off under the Mubarak regime. (Photo: Ahmed Almastry)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The revolution may have come to Egypt, but for women, it may mean anything but progress. — Vickie Langohr in Foreign Affairs. I’ve read hints of this potential setback for Egyptian women in numerous reports, but Ms. Langohr has laid it all on the line, and it doesn’t look pretty. As difficult as it may seem to believe, women may have been better off under the Hosni Mubarak regime.

Excerpts from the article: “Soon after [the  Mubarak] regime fell, many quarters of Egyptian society started fighting to dial back many of the gains women have made in recent years. And, the success of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis in the first two rounds of elections suggests that the new parliament may in fact push restrictions into policy. . . .

. . . several thousand Salafis demonstrated outside of al-Azhar University in Cairo in May, demanding the return of educational authority solely to fathers. . . .

Judge Abdallah al Baga, president of the Family Court of Appeal, submitted a draft bill to the prime minister that called for abolishing khula divorce and reinstating, under some conditions, a practice in which husbands can forcibly return “disobedient” wives to their homes – a practice that has been outlawed since the 1960s. . . .

The [popular Justice Party] platform calls for reassessing existing women’s and children’s rights laws to rid them of provisions “destructive to the family.”

Read the entire article:  How Egypt’s Revolution Has Dialed Back Women’s Rights | Foreign Affairs.

My previous post on this topic: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/egyptian-woman-stripped-and-stomped-on-by-egyptian-government-soldiers/


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