Transgender actress Laverne Cox says “game changed forever for trans folk in the media”

Trans actress Laverne Cox

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — After watching trans-themed Becoming Chaz and Gun Hill Road at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, trans actress Laverne Cox says the game has changed for us. Transgender visibility had a groundbreaking year, especially for trans actors/actresses.

Laverne Cox wrote: In an article about transgender performers in the December 8-14, 2011 issue of Backstage, Simi Horwitz writes, “Casting director Sig De Miguel … looks forward to the time when a character’s transgender status is incidental to the script and an actor’s trans identity is irrelevant to casting. ‘You may be born male, but you’re a woman now,’ De Miguel says.” De Miguel represents a growing number of industry professionals who are open to casting trans actors in roles that aren’t necessarily written as trans.

As a transgender actress myself, I know the difficulties we face. There seems to be more opportunities for us to be exploited than appreciated for our acting abilities. It’s nice to know that things may be changing.

Laverne wraps up the year for us  in the Huffington Post: Laverne Cox: Acting While Trans: A Look Back at 2011 for Transgender Actors in the Media.


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  1. ‘You may be born male, but you’re a woman now,’ that´s a statement I totally refuse against. As long as this point of view exitsts, no full acceptance will ever be possible. And as long as people interpretate themselves that way they won´t be able to ask for their full rights and no one will be possible to see them as real women. For me, thats simply transphobia 2.0 – you may not call em men (or women) so you call em “born male” (or born female) – The effect is the same on your environment, I have a lot of experience and no heterosexual man wants to get in contact with a “woman who was a man once”. Forget about getting tolerance, start noticing you have ever been what you are and that you had a right for respect since you´re born!

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