New Calif. anti-discrimination bills to set precedent for trans students at women’s colleges?

Krystie Yandoli is a senior women and gender studies and English and textual studies major. She has a weekly column in The Daily Orange.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — “[Women’s colleges] been faced with a lingering quandary over sex and gender identity: where do transgender students fit in?” — Krystie Yandoli in The Nation.

Quandary indeed.  It appears the landmark California anti-discrimination bills recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will force colleges to clearly define where transgender students fit in. The writer, Krystie Yandoli has tackled something I haven’t really given much thought. It’s a worthwhile read if you’re planning to be a student or are involved in education.

Excerpts from the article: “[CA’s] landmark legislation has the ability to additionally set a precedent for women’s colleges and their policies around transgender students.” . . .

“Trans students have had a growing presence in America and, in turn, on college campuses. Despite the increasing transgender population, there’s still very little official protection from discrimination for these students.”  . . .

“California can now potentially serve as a critical influence for women’s colleges to enact official policies for their transgender students.”

Read the entire article:  California Bills Can Set Precedent for Women’s Colleges to Sharpen Transgender Policies | The Nation.


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  1. Well, I don´t understand the category “transgender” in this case. Cuz there are men who were wrong assigned at birth, women, who were wrong assigned and also transgender and a lot of people seem to think they would be all transgenders.

    But it doesn´t make sense in that case. Women belong to womens colleges, if wrong assigned or not, men don´t belong there and transgender and all other not accepted sexes (like hermahrodites) should choose were to go if there doesn´t exist colleges for them. But if everyone who has to fight against a wrong assigned sex will be simply put in a “transgender”category without the differentiation if the person is (for real, not legaly or “biologically (two biosexes-one manmade lie!) male, female or anything else by law, it´s simply a form of “positive discrimination” in that case – cuz a man shouldn´t go to a women´s college if other men also mustn´t. That would be a special “freak-option” that doesn´t help anyone in general and makes legal differences between wrong assigned men and right assigned men, I couldn´t interpretate this as a positive evolution.

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