Defining transgender — those woefully misinformed can get help here!

Brandon Teena, killed by friends after they discovered he was born a different gender.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT –There is a short article in the Chicago Tribune titled “Defining transgender”. It is one of more clear and precise transgender definition that I’ve seen — perfect for those new to all things transgender — or those woefully misinformed!

Any confusion about gender identity, anatomical sex and sexuality is cleared up here.

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Defining transgender –


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5 replies

  1. Thanks Lexie for sharing this. I hope my non-Trans friends can take something away from it. Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for a factual, unbiased article.

  2. “Brandon Teena, killed by friends after they discovered she was born a different gender.”

    Um, Teena was a trans man. Shouldn’t that be “after they discovered he…”?

  3. You are correct of course. I fixed it!

  4. This sounds as if the “anatomical sexes” they assign at birth would or even could be right… In my opinion there´s a big lack of critic. First: People assign only 2 sexes, they say either… or… and intersexuals f.e. will be mutilated for that sick shit.
    Second: They don´t know and can´t know what´s a man and whats a woman. They claim: penis=man vagnina=woman, what a stupid crap!! So they define “anatomical sex”, this definition kills people, lifes and equality.
    Third: Theres no need to define at birth what someone is. Its just for traditional discrimination, nothing else. To control and manipulate people. There´s also no need to say, there are two sexes and we define who is which sex and why. That´s oppresssion, injustice. That´s what I miss in that describtion. Anatomical sex sounds like that would be a natural or objective made category not something to stabilize artificial sexustic projudices with a new term thats the same humilitting crap as before, just called different.


  1. Not Your Mom’s Trans 101 — help for the woefully misinformed, part 2. « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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