Thai airline hire trans flight attendants but will use “third sex” name tag.

The four newly hired trans flight attendants for PC Air. (photo: Chicago Tribune)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Historically, many cultures have given transgender members a third gender, such as “two spirits” used by Native Americans. I’m wondering if it is politically correct in this instance?

This is not a criticism of Thai airline PC Air —  they reportedly got over 100 applications from trans individuals when recent job openings for flight attendants were announced prompting airline president Peter Chan to include them in applicant pool. Ultimately four trans individuals were hired along with 26 cis attendants. However Mr. Chan said the trans attendants  would be given a third sex name tag.

I’d be curious to know what readers think of the decision to give the trans attendants a third sex name tag?

Further discussion on this topic:  Transsexual Flight Attendants: Is “Third Sex” Label Appropriate? | Montreal Gazette.


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4 replies

  1. This is problematic. While Thai Society is known to be more accepting of Gender Variant people, this amounts to an “outing” and perhaps the attendants didn’t want a “Scarlet Letter” on their nametags!

  2. Although Thailand is more accepting of trans persons, historically there are still brutal murders of open trans women in Thailand. I am grateful to see the progress and opportunities but am still concerned that wearing a third sex name tag would make these women vulnerable to attack by those who are not open and accepting. In reality we are a third sex but do we have to be publicly branded as such making us direct targets of the crazies out there?

  3. I should see the glass as half full; they’re hiring. But it irks me that the airline feels the four applicants should have a “special label.” They can’t just let the attendants be the gender that they want to present? Obviously, their presentation is probably very good–after all, they did get the jobs.

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    I’m thinking we should be pleased this airline welcomed the opportunity to hire transgender flight attendants and once we’ve got a foothold, make resolving the name tag thing the next step!

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