Transgender patients are often outed by public health systems

Public health systems, such as Canada's, is problematic for many trans people.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The nurse calls out in the waiting room, Mr. Jones? Mr. Jones? You quietly approach her and and try to explain but she interupts and says, Ma’ am, I’m looking for MISTER Jones!

Public health officials out trangender people by debating them in public over their confusion regarding the mismatch with names and sex as shown on trans people’s medicare plan ID cards. Some may simply be unaware of what they’re doing, others exhibit transphobia. Reports say this hostility may be widespread.

This is typically a problem for trans people in countries with public health care systems, such as Canada, but no doubt it happens elsewhere, including private doctors offices — although I’m not sure of the frequency.

In Canada in particular, outreach workers say there is a lack of trans awareness among health professionals, especially in the French speaking providence of Quebec. They are also pointing out some trans people at times avoid seeking health care preferring to suffer than hassle with medical professionals over their IDs — troublesome in Canada because the law does not permit the changing of gender ID until after surgery.

From the article below: ‘I will die of pneumonia before being called Mr. once more in the emergency room’ . . .”

Advance planning is prudent here if you’re trans and your ID is different from what you present as.

I’d be curious if any of you have problems with private doctors and other health care professionals — the ones you pay health insurance for.

Montreal Gazette: Transgender patients outed by the health-care system.


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