[UPDATED] Diesel flavored drinking water and methane vapor showers — what the ‘fracking’ is this?

Care for some diesel flavored well water? (photo: Casper Star-Tribune)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — (Updated: Ohio earthquake caused by fracking waste? – see below.) If I hadn’t seen it on 60 Minutes, I wouldn’t have believed it. Some people have been living for years with groundwater likely contaminated by ‘fracking’ — a mining process to get natural gas out of rocks deep in the ground. The CBS report centered on a small town in Wyoming where the EPA recently did a study of groundwater after a decade of complaints.  While the full study won’t be released until 2012, they have announced that ‘fracking’ probably contaminated the well waters in that area.

Fracking is the use of high pressured water infused with chemicals pumped underground to crack the rocks holding natural gas. This process is likely to be the cause of gas seeping into the groundwater. The mining industry was quick to dismiss the EPA findings: “They don’t have a conclusion here, they have a probability — and we would argue that it is a very poor probability . . .”

A glance at news reports show that issues with drinking water and fracking is occurring in other states as well. I’m thinking we need to do a full-scale study of the problem nationwide and conclude one way or another whether fracking for energy is good for our nation’s water supply. Meanwhile in that town in Wyoming, drinking water is trucked in and residents take showers with the fan on.

More from the LA Times:  EPA says ‘fracking’ probably contaminated well water in Wyoming – Los Angeles Times.

Updated Jan 4, 2012: Recent earthquake in Ohio likely caused by fracking: “Scientists have quickly determined that the likely cause was fracking—although not from drilling into deep shale or cracking it with pressured water and chemicals to retrieve natural gas. Rather, they suspect the disposal of wastewater from those operations, done by pumping it back down into equally deep sandstone.” — Scientific American

Read more: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=ohio-earthquake-likely-caused-by-fracking


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