[UPDATED] “Denounce the transgender!” — What could this mean? Tar and feathers? Or worse?

This is the avatar used by the creator of the "Let's start a Transsexual Registration Act" page

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [Updated: Apparently the site has been shut down by Facebook!] From the “Let’s start a Transsexual Registration Act” Facebook page: “If this is put into action alot of heterosexual people wouldn’t have to worry about dating a tranny accidently. Heterosexual people will always have a choice to either date or denounce the transgender” (sic).

Denounce the transgender? What could that mean? Tar and feathers? Or another number to add to the list for Transgender Day of Remembrance?

I’d like to thank Monica Roberts for bringing this to everyone’s attention and I agree with her that we need to get as many people to report that group to Facebook — not just to eliminate that page, but to make Facebook aware of the ease hate groups exist on their site. They’ve been in existence since November 15, 2011.

More from the site: “The TSRA will require Transsexuals by “LAW” to register their birth name, city/state of residence, date of surgery, date of birth, and any other vital information the government need”

Go to the site and REPORT IT to Facebook: Let’s start a Transsexual Registration Act.


Monica Robert’s blog: http://transgriot.blogspot.com/2011/12/oh-huell-no-this-transsexual.html


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14 replies

  1. f*** this shit!

  2. Reposting to get more to report these bigots to Facebook.

  3. I see “___ Registration Act” and I immediately think of Marvel Comics.

    “First the Sentinels came for the trans people, but I said nothing…” Bah, Magneto was right.

  4. It makes me feel a bit better to see that the page (as of now) has only 11 likes. Of course, I still reported it as hate speech.

  5. This makes sense to be able to hold people accountable for things they do in life before a surgery, crimes of all sorts, child support enforcement, and other obligations can be skirted by changing your identity and appearance.

    • Except part of any name change procedure, is making sure those who are SUPPOSED to, like creditors and goverment, know who you are still, all this supports is witch hunts.

  6. glad to see this page has already been squashed!!

  7. Thanks for your comments and efforts. Mission accomplished!

  8. This is disgusting. Such an Orwellian fantasy can only lead to giving bigoted politicians bad ideas.

  9. A nice write up:

    The Motivation Behind the ‘Transsexual Registration Act’

    Filed By Mercedes Allen



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